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Hire the North East's Premiere Caricaturist


Barrie is available for weddings, birthdays, events, festivals and corporate events thoughout the North East and Cumbria.  He is the leading Caricaturist in the North of England and guarantees professionalism, punctuality and hilarious results!  Check out reveiws on his facebook page and get in touch with your date and venue for a quote!

Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Live Caricature Events.  


Caricatures are a fantastic entertainment in the evening or great way to entertain your guests during the 'lull' periods of a wedding between meals ceremonies and discos that can traditionally be quite tedious. 

These are both hilarious for spectators, great wedding favours and an unique memento of your special day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do guests pay for your caricatures?

You are paying for me to be there there are no other hidden costs

Will my guests have to wait in a boring queue?

No!  This is a big concern for many when hiring a caricaturist, I do my very best to avoid any queues during the day, I am a mix and mingle artist which means i move round the room drawing quick fire caricatures then moving on.  I don't think anyone should be standing in a queue at a celebration.

How long does it take you to draw a caricature?

I am one of the top caricaturists in the North East and Border Regions and am able to produce one quality caricature every 3-4 mins that many customers have commented are good enough to be framed.

How long should I book you for?

I draw roughly 28 people every two hours,  which is perfect for a drinks reception or some entertainment after your meal.  If you want to book me for longer then great! I find that a longer booking in the evening works brilliantly.   

How long should I book you for?

I draw roughly 28 people every two hours,  which is perfect for a drinks reception or some entertainment after your meal.  If you want to book me for longer then great! I find that a longer booking in the evening works brilliantly.   

Um.. what is a Caricaturist?

Don’t worry I get asked this all the time!  Basically I draw cartoon faces really fast, the intent is to draw picture that captures some aspect of the person being drawn in a way that will amuse them and others around them.  


When should we book?


On average I attend 160 events and wedding a year and take bookings up to 2 years ahead.  I would recommend you book as soon as you are able especially if your event is in the summer and on a weekend!  Having said that I do often attend 2 bookings a day so its always worth asking if I am available for last minute booking!


Do you need space to set up?


I only require a small area on a table or bar somewhere in the room I am working, so I can leave the plastic wallets I provide for the guests to store their caricatures in.  I am a table artist so will mix and mingle with your guests to provide entertainment for everyone.   This has the added bonus of avoiding queues, which are the last thing you want at your event.


Will you draw groups?


I will always draw a wedding couple as a couple but everyone else individually.  If you want group caricatures I am happy to do so but just let me know beforehand as its a different type of service to the quick fire caricatures that I am known for

To me, drawing live caricatures is about blurring the lines between Art, Performance and Magic! Being able to stand in a crowded room, pick on a punter, gesticulate wildly on a pad, then reveal with the flick of a wrist to hails of laughter, from an amazed group of unsuspecting revelers, every 4-5 minutes is what my job is all about.

So when I am asked to draw couples or groups I find that the pace of the entertainment slows down and the entertainment value is reduced. 

Will you stay longer on the day if we pay you?

If you think you would like me to stay longer please arrange this beforehand as I may not be able stay longer without prior agreement.  

How many people will you draw?

I draw about 14 people every hour.  So if you have 7 tables of people I am likely to get round the room twice.  

What times are best?

The caricatures are a great ice breaker so absolutely perfect for your drinks reception or as some entertainment to welcome your evening guests.  

Who will you draw?


Generally, I just pick out people who I think will enjoy the experience and who have a group around them who will enjoy making fun of the caricature.  I also try my best to get people important to the Bride and Groom drawn for example the mums and dads,  if you point someone out to me I will draw them.


Will you need a break?


If you book me for longer than 3 hours I will take a break of 20 mins every 2 hours.  I will usually be able to work this in to your time table and take my break during speeches, first dances etc.  


Should I provide food / Refreshment?


I do not ask for either but an arrangement with the venue to provide coffee is always appreciated!


Do people ever get offended? 


Sometimes! It’s very rare that someone takes offence at my caricatures but occasionally they do, this is usually accompanied with gales of laughter from the onlookers so I don’t feel too bad about it!


Is there anything else I should know?


I want to provide you and your guests with the best possible entertainment service I can.   If you have a special request or just want to have a chat about the day before hand, please just give me a ring I will do everything I can to make your day perfect.  

When Should I book?  

I take bookings up to 2 years in advance if you are booking for a Saturday please be aware that these slots go very quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment

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