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Wedding Packages

Let me tell you about my approach—it's not your typical caricature artistry you might have encountered. I'm all about infusing fun and entertainment into your day, mingling quick portraits with a good dose of humor and a cheeky attitude to get everyone engaged! My aim? To get laughs from one group before swiftly moving to the next, ensuring no queues and entertaining large groups in record time.


I'm among the top caricaturists in the UK, having clinched the Caricon International Caricature Convention 2017 and recently bagged the Hitched Entertainer of the Year for 2022 & 2023. My speed? I can produce a top-notch caricature every 2-3 minutes, a keepsake your guests will treasure. And mingling with the crowd? It's not just entertainment; it's golden moments captured for your photographers and videographers.


Each guest gets to keep their portrait, safely stored in a high-quality plastic wallet. Plus, if possible, I'll snap a photo of each guest with their artwork, a little keepsake for you to cherish after the wedding.


I bring a decade of experience as a full-time professional caricaturist, guaranteeing a service that's more entertaining, faster, and of higher quality than the rest.

Dali Package : Up to 2 hours

This package is crafted for drinks receptions between the Ceremony and Meal or for a post-meal lull. Quick, engaging portraits to break the ice and create lasting memories. For shorter receptions, I'll craft a more detailed portrait of the Bride and Groom from photos taken on the day

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Magritte Package : 3 hours

Three hours of ‘Mix and Mingle’ Caricatures, perfect for lively evening events. Say no to photobooths and make your day memorable with live artistic entertainment.

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Renoir Package: Full day Package

A full-day extravaganza! Perfect for larger weddings, covering entertainment during your drinks reception, after meal lull and the first hour of your evening.  Plus, a large, high-quality portrait of the Bride and Groom presented in a frame, personalised drawing paper, a digital copies of every caricature drawn, and more.


Picasso Package

Indulge in the epitome of caricature entertainment with my exclusive offer crafted for the bride who craves everything extraordinary! Picture this: a one-of-a-kind artwork celebrating your momentous day, featuring all your guests in a grand, single masterpiece, handed to you as a stunning keepsake in the evening.

This bespoke artwork is a labor of love, meticulously drawn over several hours, starting from your drinks reception and continuing into the evening—an absolute showstopper, especially for more intimate weddings. It's an exceptional feature that will leave everyone in awe and ensure your special day lives on in a truly remarkable piece of art.

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