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Live Event Entertainment

Captivate your corporate event guests with the dynamic allure of live caricatures, adding a touch of unparalleled entertainment and charm. As a distinguished caricaturist, I stand among the top talents in the United Kingdom, holding accolades such as the prestigious Caricon International Caricature Convention 2018 and the esteemed Hitched Entertainer of the Year for both 2022 and 2023. Each masterpiece I create, delivered at a remarkable pace of one high-quality caricature every 2-3 minutes, becomes a cherished keepsake, etching memories of your event.


My focus lies in engaging guests through lively interactions, infusing laughter and camaraderie into every sketching session. Unlike traditional fixed easel setups, my mobile approach ensures a seamless flow of entertainment, effortlessly mingling with groups to deliver an engaging, laughter-filled experience without the hassle of queues. With a decade-long dedication to the craft, my commitment guarantees an exceptional service that's faster, more entertaining, and of superior quality, setting the stage for an unforgettable event.

Check out a recent Christmas Party [here]

Check out other Corporate events [here]

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Digital Portraits

“Engage and impress your corporate audience with the innovative allure of live digital caricatures. Perfect for trade stalls seeking increased foot traffic or VIP interactions, digital portraits offer versatility, available in digital formats, prints, or even as charming key rings. The live creation process is not only entertaining but also provides ample opportunities for meaningful conversations with potential customers, adding a dynamic touch to your event’s experience.”

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Quickfire Portraits

Fast and fun portraits drawn live in minutes for your guests.  Combined with your logo these make for some fantastic entertainment and an even better memento of your event!

Perfect for your college ball, award ceremony, charity night or opening!

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iPad Portraits

If you have a trade stall you want people to visiting or just want to impress some VIP's then digital portraits might be the way to go.  portraits can be delivered digitally, in print or in key rings.  


These are great fun to watch and will give you plenty of time to chat to your new potential customer!  

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Special Events

Have you got an arty idea you want to get off the ground for an event.  Give me a bell I will consider all jobs.. the weirder the better ;)

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