Wedding Caricatures

Are you looking for something completely different for your special day?  Hilarious live caricature entertainment will have your guests in stitches and leave them a memento of your day that they will treasure for ever.


Barrie James is an award winning caricaturist and the North Easts leading entertainer.  As a mobile artist he is able to mix  effortlessly with your guests during drinks receptions and evening events; Drawing one or two quick fire caricatures from each group of guests, raising a laugh and moving on,  in this way he is able to entertain a large room without having to draw everyone.  Typically he will draw one high quality portrait every 2-3 minutes,  every guest drawn gets to keep their own original piece of artwork.. don’t worry about missing out the Bride and Groom will always get a portrait!

Good times to have me entertain your guests:

The Drinks Reception: between meal and ceremony as an icebreaker and to entertain your guests while you get photos taken.


The After Meal Lull: if you've ever been to a full day wedding you'll know there is a point in the day just after the meal and before the evening starts where everything seems to slow down.  This is a great time for some caricature entertainment to keep your guests going while they wait for the evening event to start!

The Evening Do: Everyone loves a party! 2 or 3 hours of Mix and Mingle caricatures are a great way to get your guests in a festive mood, plus once everyone has had a few drinks I can get away with some more fun caricatures! ;) 


Half Day Packages

A half day package is ideal for some entertainment during those part of the day that need a little extra umph!  


Renoir Package

If you really like the idea of everyone at the party having the opportunity to go home with an original caricature portrait this is the package for you.  

A full day of hilarious caricature fun,  what could be better!


Picasso Package

This is the special one,  get your guests drawn live on the day on a giant group portrait that you can keep forever as a memento of your special day.  You can combine the giant portrait with a couple of hours of mix and mingle caricatures for your drinks reception if you wish.