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Unforgettable Caricature Wedding Entertainment at Woodhill Hall

"Barrie was a pleasure to deal with from the first message we sent to him. At the wedding he commands the attention of your wedding guests and he gave them memories to treasure forever and plenty of laughs along the way too!!! Very memoriable entertainment! We always wanted Barrie at my wedding from the moment we booked our venue and I would recommend him to everyone.

Thanks Barrie"

Candice & Steven 06/03/2023 Woodhill Hall

Thank you for the brilliant review from Candice & Steven for their superb review. The happy couple hired me to provide caricature entertainment at their after meal lull and into the evening at their wedding at Woodhill Hall. As a wedding guest I know that this part of the day can be a little dull so its always a great idea to have some sort of entertainment on to keep the party atmosphere alive until the dico starts. Personally I always find that i will be inundated with requests for portraits during this part of the day. Here are some of the photos from Candice & Stevens wedding:

You can find more information on my packages here


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