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Durham University College Campus Caricaturist

"Barrie James Art's caricatures totally rocked our college bash! Seriously, the way he drew everyone was insane—so spot on! Students were queuing up and cracking up at their sketches. It made our Stevo-Day way more fun and got everyone buzzing. If you're throwing a party, Barrie James Art's caricatures are a total must-do! They're epic for adding laughs and making your event more memorable!

Vicki Stephenson College 13/06/2023

Thats was the fantastic review I received from Vicki one of Stephenson College Stevo day event at Durham university had to say about my entertainment. the event organises had to say

Caricatures at university events, like the ones at Durham University's Stephenson College campus, are a blast. Picture this: An artist drawing funny, exaggerated portraits of students, and everyone gathering around, laughing and enjoying the show.

These drawings aren't just doodles; they're hilarious versions of the students. People loved seeing themselves in these comical drawings and couldn't help but laugh. The whole scene became a centre of excitement, drawing more and more people to join in on the fun.

These caricatures aren't just funny pictures; they're like souvenirs that capture the spirit of the event. They break the ice, make people laugh, and create a sense of togetherness among everyone there. Plus, they're something students can keep to remember the awesome time they had.

All in all, these caricatures are a fantastic addition to university events. They make everyone laugh, create a lively atmosphere, and give people something special to take home and remember the event by.

groups of students gets drawn by caricature artist barrie james at durham univerisy for a college freshers week event
groups of students gets drawn by caricature artist barrie james at durham univerisy for a college freshers week event

Whether its for a open day, fresher week or a univeristy ball caricatures are an hilarious addition to your entertainment to and Newcatle based caricaturist Barrie James Art is the man to contact! You can see what kind of packages I have available for university and colleges [here]

Barrie James Art is a caricaturist for college and university campus durham


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