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Bringing Art to Life: Barrie James Art Digital Caricatures in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Barrie James Art Digital Caricatures in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hey there! I'm Barrie James, an artist based right here in the bustling city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I'm all about digital caricatures and live art, taking events to a whole new level with my trusty iPad and a knack for turning moments into vibrant, personalized artworks.

I was recently asked to draw Digital Caricatures at an event At leeds Amoury for a corporate awards ceremony the event was a massive success with guests quueing to get an original peice of art work drawn on my ipad, i am finding more and more that digital caricatures are a popular alternative to traditonal caricature.

I love spicing up corporate events. You know, those occasions that can feel a bit stuffy? Well, I change that vibe. I draw digital caricatures live, so people get to see themselves transformed into fun, exaggerated yet flattering portraits right before their eyes.

What's cool about digital caricatures is how flexible they are. Instead of the old-school pen and paper, I use digital tools to craft each portrait. Guests get their digital artwork instantly, ready to share on social media and keep the party going online.

For me, it's not just about drawing. It's about creating experiences. Whether it's a big corporate bash, a lively trade show, or a small private gathering, I bring a blend of art and tech that gets people talking and leaves a lasting impression.

Digital caricatures are my way of making art interactive and personal. It's amazing to see the reactions when people get their unique caricatures—there's always a lot of laughter and surprise.

So, let's dive into this world of live digital artwork together. It's a space where every stroke has a story and every caricature captures a moment.

Check out my packages [here]

and see other examples of my digital work [here]

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Dec 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great article!

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