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Caricature Entertainment at The Willows at The Woodsman: Arty Wedding Fun

"We are so glad we booked Barrie! Our guests loved getting their caricatures done. It was so lovely seeing everyone laughing at each other's pictures and it's great that they have something they can keep. So much better than the bog-standard photo booths etc. you normally see at weddings!"

Kimberley & James, The Willows, 11/08/2023

Bride and Groom Caricature drawn at The Willows at the Woodsman Arms in Newcastle upon Tyne my caricature artist Barrie James Art
Bride and Groom Caricature drawn at The Willows at the Woodsman

Its always nice to get a review from a bride especially when its a good one! Kim and James where married at The Willows At the Woodsman a new wedding venue just a stones throw away from my studio in Whickham.

The Willows at the Woodmans is a charming venue where I've had the pleasure of working several times. Tucked amid trees, it offers stunning views of Newcastle city center. This exclusive-use wedding venue beautifully combines rustic elements with touches of sheer elegance and luxury. I frequently stroll by this place with my beloved dog, Dinki, reveling in the breathtaking vistas of the cornfields and Team Valley.

I provided entertainment during the post-meal lull, a time when guests can sometimes feel a bit restless. It's the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with unforgettable caricature entertainment at the willows at the woodsman. I had a wonderful time sketching portraits of all the wedding guests present. Here are a few caricatures that truly stood out amidst the many I drew

This review came from Hitched you can see more of my reviews [here]. if you are interested in booking my services you can find out more [here]


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