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A caricaturist in Durham - August

Having a really great time in Durham drawing caricatures, the city is beautiful and nearly always a peaceful environment to draw in. So far it has been an excellent experiance on tuesday there was an absolutely amzing opera singer in the market square and it was a pleasure to listen to her sing while drawing peoples caricatures.

There where a bunch great people to draw too including two grumpy looking northerners who where actually super fun but refused to smile! Anyway I got some great caricatures from them!

On a hot day in durham a parculiar thing happens all the children develop a strange disease that effects their tongues and lips turning them bright blue. It is quite off putting for a caricaturist to deal with. It must be something in the water!

caricaturist North East
Caricaturist Newcastle

So I've had a great week drawing in general my only complaint is it has been rather sunny and my pens have been drying up faster than usual plus I've picked a bad case of sun burn accross my nose, still its much better than having a runny nose which is my usual complaint when working out side. Life as a caricaturist in Durham and Newcastle is working out great, follow me on or for updates of where I will be when and if you can pop along and get yourself drawn I promise it will be as much fun as it looks!

Caricaturist Newcastle

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