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Caricatures in Durham

Another great day drawing caricatures in Durham Market Square on friday it is the most peaceful place to draw and such a beautiful city I did some really fun caricatures on friday and even managed a successful dog caricature. I am going to start practicing my dog caricatures as I am asked regulary if i am able to draw them and usually I am not! This week has been a really amazing week or me at Barrie James Art. I've worked 4 days at Durham and drawn some fantastic people on top of that I've created a logo for a friends tree surgry business that i was really pleased with and finished a giant monsterous crab poster for the edinburgh based rock band 'King Crab!"

Durham Caricaturist 15.jpg

My facebook page has been going really well this month and increased by over 300 likes and the caricature work is rolling in. Life as a caricaturist is sweet at the moment :)

Durham Caricaturist 18.jpg

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