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Notes from a caricaturist in County Durham

Last week has been a bit of a miss in County Durham for me, one of the problems of working outside with paper and soluble pens is that when it rains there is not much one can do. In anycase I wasn't really able to spend much time there last week after a bad bout of food poisioning from a take away on the brightside that means I've lost 16 lbs in a week, which is at least a trouser size! I am hoping that this week brings a bit better weather to end the school holidays on. In other news I have been getting plenty of caricature commissions to do at the studio mainly from photographs, which is great if it is raining and I have had quite a few bookings for weddings and events for the Autumn! I also managed to meet Rachel Sweeeney from ITV and do a quick sketch of her and her friends while working in Durham this week.

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