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Summer of Caricature in Northumberland

It has been a really great summer for me as a caricaturist, I don't know how many peopleI have drawn in and around Newcastle. Definately the most fun has been had at Durham where I have working in the market square at least 3 days a week drawing caricatures of the fabulous residents and visitors to the Prince Bishops Country. I have been totally overwhelmed by the response that I have had during the summer and am really pleased I decided to take this journey as a caricaturist.

County Durham Caricaturist6.JPG

It has been an amazing summer has been working at Corbridge festival, MG Northumberland, The Northumberland Show, the Cumberland Show, Country Fest, and many, many other festivals and events during the past 3 months. Not to mention street caricatures in Durham, Newcastle and Carlisle! I would like to thank all of the people I have drawn during this period.. cheers for all your ugly mugs I couldn't do this with out you!

County Durham Caricaturist0.JPG

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