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Dissertation Abstract

This master’s report is a documentation of the process of creating a representative sample of illustrations for the Tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG.) setting book Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC). The setting will be based in a Post Apocalyptic future and use the rule system from a popular fantasy game called Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC.) published by Goodman Games. The game system and setting has been designed by myself and Jim Wampler.

Dungeon Crawl Classic DCCRPG.jpg

The research will look at the development of the idea starting with research into similar systems including DCC. before identifying the target audience and what they desire from a system. The project has avoided talking at length about rules instead focusing on the overall tone of the games and showing how it influenced the final product.

The research then looks at how other artists have tackled this genre in illustration, movies and literature identifying tropes and useful references and how they have been utilized in my work. The research looks at artist’s influential to this project and how detailed studies of their work have been implemented to further develop my own style.

The development chapter explains how I set about this project, attempting to justify what methods I used along with an explanation of why I used certain materials and techniques. Critical examination of my method and technique is used as an analytical tool throughout this report. My strengths and weaknesses as a Concept Artist are considered.

The conclusion evaluates how successful the project has been, gives feedback from MCC writer Jim Wampler and states how I have developed creatively. It also discusses any problems that arose and lessons that can be taken from these problems.

The conclusion then goes on to explain future plans for the project along with the possibility of publishing through Goodman Games.

The appendixes collect the Beta version of the game along with artistic direction received by Jim Wampler along with mood-boards and reference material.

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