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Wedding entertainment at Woodhill Hall

Wedding at Woodhill Hall

On Monday it was Amy and Dan’s lockdown wedding at the amazing Woodhill Hall in Northumberland. I arrived just as Amy was being taken in to the brand new Olive House building to be married, led by their gorgeous 9 month old Golden retriever

Woodhill hall is one of those venues that is always fully of surprises and this time it was no exception, their latest edition is the stunning new building the Olive House a beautiful Mediterranean style chapel where the wedding can take place outside of the main building. I am always amazed at how much Corrinne and her staff change up the place between my visits.

Once the ceremony was over I was able to entertain the guests with my caricature portraits, due to the covid-19 restrictions I decided to work from a fix easel and draw portraits of the guests from there. The good thing about this is that I get to spend a little more time with guests to have a chat and as there is generally no bit hurry I can draw couples and groups easily and with more detail. The draw backs of drawing caricatures from a fixed easel is that it’s generally slower and drawing groups is generally not as entertaining for the audience however with only 19 guests in Amy & Dan’s exclusive wedding this was no issue at all!

I did manage to get a little Mix and Mingle in when the sun made a valiant sally through the dark rain clouds and lighting up the Olive house and surrounding gardens. The where called out for photos during this brief interlude and I was able to capture a few likenesses to the amusement of all.

All In all it was a very nice way to sped a Monday and I must thank Dan and Amy for inviting me to spend the afternoon with them.

If you are getting married at Woodhill hall or Northumberland are are looking for some entertainment for your drinks reception a caricature artist may be exactly what you are looking for :)

Check out Woodhill hall at

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Other suppliers:

Photographer on the day

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